We provide maximum satisfaction for our customers.

Depending on the quantity, shape, precision, material, etc. of the ordered product, the cutting,grinding processing method is optimal such as 6-axis automatic lathe, cold forging (outsourcing), NC compound automatic lathe, automatic transfer line, single-feed multi-process line, etc. By selecting the appropriate method and performing integrated processing from heat treatment (outsourcing) to surface treatment (outsourcing), we have been highly evaluated by each user over QCD. We continue to take on the challenge of operating production equipment 24 hours a day.

【Corporate Profile】

  Company Name : Yamagata Rashi Kogyo Co., Ltd.

  Industry : General-purpose machinery and equipment manufacturing industry

       (Hydraulic and pneumatic machinery parts manufacturing, such as construction machinery, industrial equipment)

  Representative : Masami Kasahara

  Headquartered : 〒995-0036   4-25, Tateoka Nakamachi, Murayama City, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan

            TEL. 0237-55-2525   FAX. 0237-55-5824

  Capital : 20 million yen

  Established : July 1961

  Number of employees : 77 (As of April 2022)

  Transaction Bank : Yamagata Bank Tateoka Branch, Kirayaka Bank Tateokakita Branch

  Office Area:  Site 9,541m²  Building 3,521m²

【History 】

  July 1961  Established at 1123-1,Tateoka, Murayama City   Fujitaro Oyama appointed president

  May 1968  Arata Yokoo appointed president

  August 1970  Increased capital to 20 million yen

  April 1973  Moved to current location of head office factory

  June 1986  Katsutaro Oyama appointed president

  December 1989  Expansion of second factory

  November 2006  Expansion of third factory

  May 2016  Chisaburo Yokoo appointed president

  June 2019  Acquisition of 4,832 m² on the eastern adjacent land

  May 2020  Ryoichi Hosoya appointed president

  May 2022  Masami Kasahara appointed president

【Product information】

  Monthly production of approximately 500,000 hydraulic and pneumatic parts such as relief valves, suction valves, piston pumps, sleeves,   etc.

    ・Carbon steel for machine structure (S12C-S45C)   ・Special steel (SCM415・435・440)

    ・General material (SS400)    ・Sulfur and lead composite free-cutting steel (SUM22・23・24L)

   Maximum work size   Up to 6-axis automatic lathe Φ32   Up to NC automatic lathe Φ80   Individual processing Φ90

   We accept consultations for small to large quantities of difficult-to-cut materials.

【Management Philosophy 】

   Building a prosperous future for the region and employees through technology and creativity

Our company was in 1936 with the aim of 'developing rural factories in various places to create rich rural areas and promoting regional industry'. Founded with the high ideal. The road so far has not been flat, and there has been a storm of economic fluctuations such as lack of technology at the time of foundation, oil shock, yen recession, bubble collapse, and Lehman shock. With the hard work of workers, we have been able to avoid these crises with 'technical capabilities' and 'creativity' such as production system reforms and unmanned operations. Our company aims to build a prosperous future for the community and employees by inheriting the founding spirit and history.

【Quality Policy 】

   Providing products and services that meet customer needs and expectations

   -Significance of the policy-

   (1) Always listen to customers' voices and continue to be a company that is evaluated with excellent proposals and action.

   (2) All employees shall comply with the promises made by customers and internal stakeholders with the first priority.

【The slogan】   


In our office, there is a framed book 'Raku-Dou-Yakusin'. It is said to be a favorite word of the founder, Fujitaro Oyama. It's not about working comfortably, but about having fun and enjoying working. Enjoying work creates new, positive creativity and increases productivity. As the company grows, so will the employees. Enjoying your work will enrich your heart. As the company and employees get richer, so do the regions. It is a word that expresses such thoughts.


  By train  Yamagata Shinkansen (Oou Main Line), get off at Murayama station, 5 minutes on foot, 2 hours 50 minutes from Tokyo

  By car  Tohoku Chuo Expressway, 6 km from Higashine north interchange, 6 km from Murayama-Honiida interchange

  By plane  Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo, Sapporo More to Yamagata Airport,15 minutes by car from Yamagata Airport